The delta...the realm of water, meed and unique landscape in Europe. A place notorious for it's many species of trees, plants, reptiles, birds, insects, fish. A place that can not be described in words. I invite you to visit it, to discover it's beauty, but be's a fragile place !We hope we can bring more delta images for you as soon as posible

Windmills at nightfall watched by mountains shadows and water surface. A place arranged by man to remember the past.

Golden shade given by autumn.... sunbeam taking the chill off the old reef... fields of gold...trees waiting for winter to whiten their majestic crown and make us lose our sight...

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Sabre-tooth Tiger, Dodo Bird, Mammoth.
You all know them from movies and especially cartoons. But what are they... fiction or reality....Well, a ten year old child will tell you they are definitly reality. A reality from the past, though. They were extinct either milions of years ago, either centuries ago. They were victim of climate changes, natural disasters and in some cases ..human being. These are not the only examples.
Our Earth was twice wiped out of most of plant and animal breeds during the eons. Some say that is a process that, finally, but not last, brought to the evolution of human beings.
Did you know that, today, 22 per cent of plant species are obolescent. The major cause of this event, directly or indirectly.

Did you know that chrysanths absorb the benzene produced by cigarettes, the toxins emitted by xerox, different paint and polish?

Also called mums or chrysanths.
In some country, they symbolize death and are used only at funerals, whereas , in other countries, they represent honesty and are usually regarded as positive and cheerful.
I consider them to be the symbol of autumn...
Gifted with such powerful colours, and having the strength to bear low temperature they are one of my favourite flowers. Don't you love the white ones..?!

The blue colour of the sky gives me a feeling of safety and peace. It's the perfect just feels right. Not the same thing I can say when I see the sunset. As beautiful as it is most of the times, it gives me a bad feeling, and I instantly think of dust, blood, war... But did you know that some 2,5 million years ago, our sky had only orange shades? Which one do you prefer?

Far away, as far as you can see...only trace of human settlement.
Here, close, animals strolling. They seem to bond perfectly in the vista with hazel colours, humdrum and ...autumn.

Have you ever heard about the tree called Sequoia Gigantea? Also known as Sequoiadendron giganteum, Wellingtonia Gigantea or Giant Sequoia, it's the largest tree in the world, in terms of volume. They can reach an average height of 50-85 metres and 6-8 metres in diameter. In our country this tree is declared natural monument and it's protected by law.
Did you know that there are only two regions in our country where you can see this giant tree? This picture shows one of the few representatives of this species, from our country.

The ocean level is rising, and together with it the level of our sea. Not many people know, but we have a big problem. The water is eroding our cliffs, both beaches and coasts. In little words..we are losing land. These two factors, combined, will determine this old lighthouse to disappear by degrees... together with it's beauty.

There is only one place in our country where you can see these sweet creatures in their environment and even in little testudo farms. It's a place where you can also find horned vipers, wild lilac and scorpions. If you don't know where this place is, you better find out, visit it and be amazed by what it can offer to your eyesight.

Are you superstitious? Do you believe that a black cat can bring upon one misfortune? I believe that one can make its own luck. It helps to have a positive attitude. I really think that a bad mood and a negative thinking can attract bad happened to me so many time....

When I look at this picture I find myself in a fairytale. I don't really know could be the warm colours that remind me of the cartoons from my childhood, or the mist from far away that buries a place of civilization...a place where the passing time...the cold, soulless time... taught us to forget how to dream...

When I was very young I often made little ships out of paper and when it rained I used to put them on the water and see how they were flushed away by the sweeping little waves from our courtyard. After the rain I could see them run aground in some puddle of mud...but no worry..the next rain was soon to come. It used to rain a lot those days and so my happiness grew. It took me more than a decade to see my first big and real ship..and there she blows...

One of the oldest and, in the same time, most known symbols in the world. There are over 60 shapes of crosses. The one seen in the picture -cross pommee has a round knob at the end of each arm. It truly makes a pleasant picture.

Forest with rare leaf, tell me
Where is the love from past summer
Winter doesn't know how to have mercy
Upon us...trees without a forest...

Cold air. Even colder water. But very pure water, in which you can glance and see your reflection.

Could you believe that, once, instead this pile of ground, there stood great and majestic mountains.Well, that was a very long time ago, and since then, time made it's mark on their prime. Surely they make one of the most unique view of the country.

Our history is written in the soil. It is said that we came from the dirt and in dirt we end-up. I don' t know about the first part, but I'm sure about the second.

Another rock that astonishes with the texture and the farrago of colours. I really love the pink particles...Everyone needs a feminine touch...even a hard rock...

I can't decide if it looks more as the spume made by soap or as the skin of a reptile. I think I will stick with the second opinion. What do you think?

Do you wander what's at the end of the tunnel...? Well...nothing much...just a beautiful picture...

The night is falling over the agitated city. It takes over creating the way for a new beginning.

Great colours. It looks as if the sky is falling down on us.

The most broadcast rock from the Earth's crust. It comes in different combination of colours, each of them representing another mineral.

Blue and yellow sunset, black shades and mountains. Tranquility, good times, keepsake.

Black and white pictures are always the best. Do you agree?

As summer ran short of time, raindrops falling from heaven quench the thirsty land. In a while, the landscape will embrace a new configuration, as the merciless weather roots.

Have you ever went on a trip to the mountain, have you ever made a fire so big it seemed the scintillas almost reached the sky so closed to your head..? Have you ever fallen asleep searching for your star and awaken to the noise of a hungry bear....well...if missed out on a great amusement...

Big Bang or God, Evolution Theory or Creationism Theory...What do you think?

Do you remember the movie Sunset Beach? I surely do...especially when I look at this picture. It's a picture taken in a time when we discovered the world ...some of you know what I am meaning...

You can imagine my surprise when I realized what figure I manage to capture....Can you see it?
Fantastic picture!

One of the most beautiful cities of our country. The place where, at every step you come across building that represent different cultures, characteristic for our neighbors. It 's a place where old and new combine to create such complex and distinctive habitation.

I wish...I wish we could let ourselves killed again by the humdrum arrows of Cupid...I wish...for a scented drop of rain to wash away the shadowed past..I wish..

I remember a trip..I remember cold weather and drizzle, and I remember this bramble. It is not a delicate flower but it's surely a prodigy of the nature, created with a purpose, and remember...even roses have their thorn.

A flower that gives definition to the word...yellow.
A colour so beloved that is eulogize in songs, songs that give recognition to great voices.

A sail with a boat in the Danube Delta leads you to a place where the emotion of discovering something new wrapes you constantly.
I remember that time when the boat used to leave comfort by the floating leaves of the water lily and my eyes could not get enough seeing the flower with a weird perfection of the shape.

Wild Flowers...
Usually, few people know their names.
Some find them insignificant.
I think they are very beautiful. Marked by their sensitivity, they parch as soon as they are picked. That' s why I think they are better left in their environment.

To see how clouds form and disappear in front of you is the greatest feeling, and some feelings can not be described in words...

It looks as if the mountain bend to make us believe that it knees at our feet.
Only the power of glaciars could erode rocks to give them a new configuration in the shape of caldrons.

The peak of a mountain is always hard to reach, but when you take the last step, all the heaviness disappears. It takes a second to forget about everything and to feel the king of the world.

It takes thousands of years for them, the hasty rivers, to create their own way. Nothing can stand between them and their purpose, either the power of rocks nor the massiveness of the mountains. And their purpose is, from the beginning of time, to waste into the immensity of water.
Not all of them get to reach their goal, but most of them manage to give us views that make us feel so insignificant.