Just another black and white picture... just memories from the past...

When I was a child I used to dream of flying...and reaching for the sky. Years have passed, and one day I finally manage to reach for the clouds. It was only the beginning.

Cruising on one of the biggest rivers in Romania. Not such a big deal, but for me, sailing is always an extraordinary experience.

Rosa canina, also knows as wild rose. The fruits of this plant are rich in vitamin C but also contain some amounts of vitamin A, B1, B2, carbohydrates, lecithin, calcium, iron or potassium. Cures that contain these fruits assure a good function of the inner organs, having an antioxidant effect. The rosa canina tea gives resistance to flu.
Ten to one I will try it.

From the hazel colour of the rocks to the blue reflected by the sky, and the green of the forest...the water can not make up it's mind... which one is more beautiful?
All nature's colours are amazing if you know where to look.

A very beautiful church... very tidy...but I wonder..do we really need it to have faith and believe in a supreme force...? Could we abide by a modest one or we don't need it at all? Either way...it makes a beautiful view.

Mountains... blue sky... clear water...untainted nature...what more could you want...?
The combination of blu and green is one of the best nature color. Myself i am amazed by the natural colors around us, and i prefer them to computer made up ones

A feminine flower..in my opinion.

The pelicans are ancient creatures, dating from The Tertiary. Since then, their number decreased by degrees, due to human intervention. So, they completely disappeared from West an Center Europe. The only place form Europe where you can admire them is the Est, most precisely, the Danube Delta.
Did you know that this is the place where, less than a hundred years ago, took place a
terrible massacre? It all began because, by their increasing number, they were considered a treat by the fishermen, and a danger to their haul. So fisherman and hunters began the carnage. And their ways were beyond words. They were reworded for each pelican leg with a cartridge. The hunters cruelty was so big that, eventually, they didn't even trouble to kill them before. They cut the legs and let them suffer to death...Sometimes, they did it even for a botlle of alcohol...
Some years after, the pelicans became protected by law....

On one side of the wall... history in the making ... on the other side... history...

Pegmatite is a intrusive igneous rock, which means it's formed through cooling and consolidation of magma, below the surface of the earth. This rock is mostly found in the major cratons (old and stable parts of the continental lithosphere). Their importance results by the fact that they often contain rare minerals such as aquamarine, topaz or fluorite.