Who said nature and civilisation cannot comute?

Simply beautifull. Trully a artistic photo.

Stumbled on this beautifull, beautifull place somewhere around a small village in Romania. Sometimes you can find faith just taking a walk, you dont have to search for faith in majestic buildings.

With either red, yellow or white petals, the japonese rose, also known as hibiscus, charms one with it's elegance and it's style. Even without flowers, hibiscus continues to be a pleasant presence through the particularly aspect of the leaves, which can be describe by the deep green and the dentate edges.

Somewhere, in one of the most beautifull cities I have ever visited, there is a greenhouse, where I have seen some of the most beautiful and imposing plants. Either with their multi-coloured flowers or with their mighty branches they always create a fresh and invigorating view.

Remember spring. Remember the blooming trees.

Imagine you are on a planet where volcanoes are exploding, lava coming from everywhere. This is what i said to myself when i saw this rock.

Incredible... you may say this image looks like a map, like a tree leaf ... nop it is a image of a rock called Sepentinite.

One can say that only forces beyond us can combine azure and fire red, in such harmoniously way, to enrich the sky above.

The Egyptian sun god was born every morning and died every evening. Even at the end of it' s existence the sun spreads such power that it's vision stays with you long after a glance of an eye.

Who could ever guess that matching colours is not just the business of a stylish lady. Not only do the colours match together but they also create a autumnal and worm image

Day after day, loud music, cars honking, planes leaving and landing, people shouting and screaming. If you are ever near a waterfall just take a moment and listen to the sound and then tell us what you have felt.

Some people say the best part of the day is the sunrise, some say it is the sunset. I tend to agree with the second category. Just looking at this picture and remembering how quiet it was and how calm that made me feel, brings back that feeling.